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Frontline Builders started in 2000 when a group of young people felt called to build churches in war-torn Sudan. Global Mission Pioneers had taken the gospel to many parts of southern Sudan. As the war raged on between the rebel movement and the Sudanese government, these faithful men and women with limited resources were busy starting new congregations. The new church companies were meeting under mango trees or in crude structures made from local materials. Sudan had a great need for permanent church buildings.

As the Frontline Builders team worked to meet this need in Sudan, they felt a burden to help in other parts of the world where war and poverty kept congregations from building their own facilities. Over the years these young people have undertaken building projects in East Africa, Chad, and Mongolia, while continuing to work in Sudan.

Frontline Builders focuses on areas of the world where church members, lay pastors, and Global Mission Pioneers are taking the gospel to their own people. In cooperation with Seventh-day Adventist Church leadership, they work to provide these men and women with tools that will make them more effective in their efforts. The team also constructs buildings at locations where the church leadership and membership have started—or have the vision to start—new congregations, primary or secondary schools, and training programs.

Frontline Builders networks with other supporting ministries and the Adventist church to provide training opportunities for church members around the world, this includes evangelism, agriculture, and lifestyle training. Their first priority is to give people the opportunity to learn about their Savior.


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